Dr. Grossman Interviewed on The Dry Eye Show

The Dry Eye Show recently interviewed Dr. Marc Grossman, O.D. L.Ac. Host Dr. Travis Zigler, OD, FAAO, FSLS asked Dr. Grossman about holistic approaches to dry eyes, blepharitis, and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). This 45-minute video also covers tips for keeping the eyes healthy. It even walks through an 8-week program to get your eyes feeling better than ever.

Check it out here.

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Nutrients for Cataracts: New Research, New Package

cataract surgeryCataracts are one of the most common eye conditions among seniors. A cataract results in clouding the vision, and eventually causes blindness if not treated. The conventional approach to cataracts is to wait and see if it gets worse. When a cataract is advanced, an eye surgeon usually offers cataract surgery. Cataract surgery uses artificial lenses that correct any clouding due to a cataract. It can correct certain refraction errors at the same time. However, not everyone is a good fit for this treatment. Which nutrients help promote healthy lenses and overall eye health? What does recent research into cataract pharmacotherapy show? And, which combinations of nutrients are the most effective for lens support? Continue reading “Nutrients for Cataracts: New Research, New Package”

3 Tips for Computer Eye Strain

DHEA affects stroke in womenMore of us experience computer eye fatigue than ever before.  We spend more time on the computer or on our digital devices.  Technically, digital eye strain is marked by eye discomfort, digital disturbance such as light flashes, double vision, difficulty in focusing, etc, or headaches and migraines.  In the case of any sudden change in your vision it is important to consult your medical professional.

But the generic sort of eye strain that most of us experience is often simply characterized by eye fatigue, stiff neck, sort back, irritability, or headaches.  There are a number of factors that contribute: Continue reading “3 Tips for Computer Eye Strain”

The Search for Covid-19 Vaccine

scientist looking thru microscope for vaccineAbout Coronaviruses

Corona viruses (of which there are over 100 types) infect birds and mammals with varied degrees to damage to the respiratory and other systems.  When these viruses are transmitted to people the consequences are potentially fatal. This is true of the two serious coronaviruses we have seen in the past: severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). Continue reading “The Search for Covid-19 Vaccine”

Mild Allergies + Eye Fatigue Cause Itchy Eyes

rubbing dry eyesRed, itchy, watery eyes are common in the spring, when allergies and hay fever strike. Sometimes we wake in the morning and what we notice most is that our eyes are itchy and sore.  This may be due to a combination of seasonal allergen sensitivity and tired eyes from computer eye fatigue.

Why are the eyes affected? What can you do about the effects of allergies on the eyes in the spring? Any why does eye fatigue worsen the feeling of itchy eyes?

Continue reading “Mild Allergies + Eye Fatigue Cause Itchy Eyes”

The Search for Covid-19 Treatment

man in face mask during covid19 epidemicThe hunt is on for effective treatment for COVID-19 (SAR-CoV-2). The New York Times reports that there are over 254 therapies being explored. Medical professionals have, even in these few months, been adapting their treatments as they learn more about the nature of the virus. The fact that COVID-19 can affect people in a wide variety of ways requires almost individually tailored treatments.  Furthermore, the symptoms of COVID-19 vary widely, sometimes limited to red eyes (conjunctivitis), painful toes, slight fever, mild cough, or general aches and pains, depending on where in the body the virus lodges or begins its attack, how strong the existing immune system is, and how healthy the individual is before being exposed. Continue reading “The Search for Covid-19 Treatment”

Why Should You Reduce Your Sugar Intake?

sugar cake or appleYou have heard that our diets have too much sugar. What does this mean? How does sugar affect our health, short-term and long-term? A large body of research shows the detrimental effects of excessive sugar, from tooth decay to diabetes. High-fructose corn syrup is especially villainized. And sugar is even blamed for hurting immunity. Continue reading “Why Should You Reduce Your Sugar Intake?”

Exercise and Immunity

Exercise, a Key Element to Robust Immune System

Researchers have repeatedly found that regular exercise improves health and immunity. They see reduced risk of cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive problems, vision conditions, weight management issues, hormonal imbalances, and those who get regular moderate exercise have stronger immune system. Depending on our personal likes and dislikes, this exercise can be moderate or intense, but regular modest exercise has been shown again and again to have a beneficial effect on the immune system. Continue reading “Exercise and Immunity”

Dark Chocolate for Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue

box of xhocolates
image via FDA.gov

When you’re feeling low, some chocolate can often perk you up.

If you are someone who suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome, the flavonoids in chocolate may actually help alleviate your symptoms.

A study published in Nutrition Journal describes how dark chocolate that is rich in polyphenols was more effective in helping subjects manage their chronic fatigue symptoms over eight week periods than those taking “regular” chocolate.1 Continue reading “Dark Chocolate for Fatigue”