Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ) Supplements Have Anti-Aging and Brain Health Benefits

pqq Pyrroloquinoline quinoneScientists are learning more about nutrients that impact the cells and brain. Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) is a nutrient found in certain fruits, vegetables, tea, and eggs. PQQ supplements appear to improve mitochondrial functioning and improve the brain. As people age, the tiny mitochondria inside cells become increasingly damaged. PQQ is a quinone that could prove to be an important anti-aging supplement.

Humans cannot produce their own pyrroloquinoline quinone. You can get some PQQ through your diet. PQQ is found naturally in food such as bananas, cabbage, carrots, celery, egg yolks, fava beans, field mustard, green peppers, kiwi, miso, natto (fermented soybeans), oranges, papayas, parsley, potatoes, spinach, sweet potatoes, tofu, tomatoes, and green teas. Bacteria inside of people may be able to produce some PQQ. However, PQQ supplements provide a steady, predictable dose. We recommend just 10 mg to 20 mg of PQQ supplements per day. Continue reading “Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ) Supplements Have Anti-Aging and Brain Health Benefits”

Marc Grossman’s 2020 Vision: Integrated Health and Natural Eye Care

Dr Marc Grossman's 2020 VisionThe world is changing. Our concepts of western medicine have shifted over the past 30 years. Today’s public wants a more comprehensive, integrated approach from health care providers.

Complementary, integrated health care is slowly replacing the idea of referring each symptom to a different specialist.

We need to look at the whole person, his or her dietary preferences, exercise regimen, and the types of relationships they are engaged in. Also, we need to examine the particular symptoms that created their condition in the first place. Continue reading “Marc Grossman’s 2020 Vision: Integrated Health and Natural Eye Care”

Metformin Drug Negates the Effects of Exercise in Research Study

diabetes drug negates effects of exerciseA study published in the February 2019 issue of Aging Cell indicates that metformin may reduce the effectiveness of exercise. Metaformin is a drug that has been approved for people with Type 2 diabetes to help control blood sugar. However, the drug is also used by healthy people for its anti-aging properties. The researchers are concerned about off-label use of this drug.

Metformin is a popular drug worldwide for those who have Type 2 diabetes. This medication helps improve their blood-sugar control and sensitivity to insulin. Continue reading “Metformin Drug Negates the Effects of Exercise in Research Study”

Natural Parkinson’s Disease Prevention and Support: Help for Neurological Diseases?

Parkinson's DiseaseParkinson’s disease is a multi-neurological disease. Currently, most Parkinson’s treatments focus on increasing dopamine production and reducing motor symptoms and tremors through medication. However, this disease has many causative or contributing factors that cause changes in healthy brain function. Many of these factors are also relevant for dementia, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, and Wilson’s diseases as well. Which factors impact brain functioning and the development of brain disease? Are there natural approaches to preventing and slowing the progress of such devastating diseases? This article offers a brief overview, based on the new book, Natural Parkinson’s Support: Your Guide to Preventing and Managing Parkinson’s. Continue reading “Natural Parkinson’s Disease Prevention and Support: Help for Neurological Diseases?”

Could a Japanese Food Reverse Heart Disease? Nattokinase, Natto and Atherosclerosis

natto By The original uploader was Shades0404 at English Wikipedia. - Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons., CC BY 2.5Researchers are finding that food and supplements containing nattokinase may reverse atherosclerosis. Current treatments for hardening of the arteries slow down the progression of heart disease. Effectively reversing atherosclerotic lesions would be a dream come true for drug manufacturers. Nattokinase is the most active ingredient in natto. Natto is a traditional Japanese food made from fermented soybeans. Could we increase our longevity by consuming natto or nattokinase supplements? Continue reading “Could a Japanese Food Reverse Heart Disease? Nattokinase, Natto and Atherosclerosis”

New Book: Natural Parkinson’s Support–Your Guide to Preventing and Managing Parkinson’s Disease

Natural Parkinson's Support: Your Guide to Preventing and Managing Parkinson's Parkinson’s Disease is a multi-faceted neurological disease that appears to result from breakdowns in aspects of healthy body function. How can you support Parkinson’s naturally? Can you prevent this disease? Find out by ordering Michael Edson’s new book, “Natural Parkinson’s Support: Your Guide to Preventing and Managing Parkinson’s.” Continue reading “New Book: Natural Parkinson’s Support–Your Guide to Preventing and Managing Parkinson’s Disease”

11 Brain-Boosting Foods for Seniors

brain foodsBrain health is especially important in seniors. Seniors are susceptible to dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, memory problems, and cognitive decline. Which foods boost brain power the most? At Natural Eye Care, we have picked eleven common foods that have brain-saving properties. Scientists have been studying the nutrients in foods for decades. They have isolated specific nutrients that cross the blood-brain barrier. These types of nutrients get direct access to the brain and even the retina. The retina is made from neural tissue. Researchers find that many of the nutrients helpful for the brain also stave off eye diseases such as macular degeneration and glaucoma.

Try adding some of these foods to your regular diet. Seniors need fewer calories than younger folks. Therefore, replace “junk food” like cookies, candy, and chips with these brain-boosters. Continue reading “11 Brain-Boosting Foods for Seniors”

Blue Light Harms Fruit Fly Eyes and Brains

fruit fly eye blue lightFindings from a recent study suggest that blue light, the same light emitted from smartphones and fluorescent light bulbs, causes brain damage and premature aging in fruit flies.

Why would research on fruit flies be important for human brains?  Surprisingly, many of the genes of fruit flies are the same as the genes in humans, and studies on fruit flies often reveal information valuable for human health. Fruit flies’ life cycle is short so scientists can see aging patterns.

As published in the journal Aging and Mechanisms of Disease, researchers at Oregon State University conducted an experiment where they subjected adult fruit flies to blue light. The targeted group of adult flies was exposed to twelve hours of blue light, followed by twelve hours of darkness. They then compared these flies to the control group. Those flies were kept in total darkness for twenty-four hours or bathed in light where blue wavelengths were blocked. Continue reading “Blue Light Harms Fruit Fly Eyes and Brains”

The Low-Down on Digestive Enzymes

gut health enzymesSeniors often struggle with some form of indigestion: bloating and gas. What can you do to prevent indigestion? Could digestive enzymes help? Digestive issues can stop you from absorbing of key nutrients. Nutrition is especially important for seniors’ eye health. Read on to find out more about digestive enzymes. Continue reading “The Low-Down on Digestive Enzymes”

Natural Eye Care Announces New Stem Cell Support Package

stem cellsStem cells are undifferentiated cells that can grow into any type of cell. In the future, stem cells may be used to make cells and tissues to treat many diseases. The adult body naturally contains some stem cells in the brain, blood vessels, bone marrow, skeletal muscle, teeth, skin, heart, gut, liver, and other organs and tissues. These cells are crucial for self-repair. Natural stem cells appear to lay dormant until they are needed to fight damage or diseases.

Natural Eye Care has prepared a special Stem Cell Support Package containing two supplements: Stem Xcell Pro and Royal Jelly.

Continue reading “Natural Eye Care Announces New Stem Cell Support Package”